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Bella's 5 Generation Pedigree!
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Calm, loving, and intelligent are just a few traits of Smokey.  You can see in her eyes that she is sweet and loves people. Smokey is such a fun dog and loves being with people!


A grandaughter of Nikki Harlow is going to be a big female, born in  November 2016 she is almost a year old. We are excited to see how she matures.  Harlow loves playing with Foxy, and running out on the ranch. Harlow is extremely smart and loves to explore. 


She is one of our own. Daisy is her mom, and Vice is her dad. She is a fast learner, who loves to fetch and play. Foxy is so sweet, and wants to be wherever people are. She responds well to commands, and is very loyal.

Coco Chanel

Fun, loving, sweet, and energetic. Meet Coco Chanel, she is a diva who loves attention, but has a big heart. Coco is very intelligent and learns quickly. 


Nikki is a  White Lab.  She comes from a long line of white Labs and her genetics and ancestory go back to white on both sides.  She loves to play fetch, hunt, fish and help with the cattle as well.  She is very energetic and will work all day long.  She is a great mother, and is as kind as they get!  She is extremely kind hearted and has amazingly beautiful eyes!  She is the proud mother of several litters now, and each puppy raised is great!  She is even the proud mother of several pups who are in training for the seeing and hearing impaired, as well as several being used as therapy dogs!  She has a beautiful cream, almost white coat, with yellow frosting.  

Nikki's 5 Generation Pedigree!
niki pedigree.pdf
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Daisy is a beautiful Silver Lab.  She is a large female weighing around 85 pounds.  She was raised by Derick and Megan Munson who are very well known for their pioneering work in achieving the Silver color while maintaining a beautiful coat.  She is extremely intelligent and LOVES to hang out and play  with the kids, or just take a nap on the porch.  Her hair coat is amazing!  She is a beatiful charcoal  silver and is one of our largest females!  Here pups have great instict to fetch or hunt.  They are extremely loyal and love to always be around people!

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